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15 November 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Fic: Lighter Than a Feather; Softer Than a Cloud  

Title: Lighter Than a Feather; Softer Than a Cloud
Pairing(s): Shotoshi (Sho x Ohno), past! Masatoshi (Aiba x Ohno)
Prompt(s): #57: Birthday, Arashi
Disclaimer: Breaks my heart every time I realize they don't belong to me >_<
Summary: Ohno likes soft stuff and Sakurai is just the perfect object for his affection.
A/N: Hahaha, I wrote this during Health Ed. LOLS. This was something random and I haven't updated an Arashi fic is sooo long I feel quilty -o- Enjoy? Heh. =3 Oh yes, this is written in second person which I don't do very much if you've noticed and the writing style is something new I wanted to try so yeah [x

Locked after 24 hours. Read Here @ [info]teh_meemers